Bringing Out the Inner Storyteller

Word of Mouth Storytelling Workshops
with award winning storyteller James Murray

“Whether making people laugh, bringing a tear to their eye, or simply bringing back some precious memories, James Murray’s stories strike an emotional chord with each and every person who hears them.”

 Writers       Storytellers       Parents       Teachers       Librarians      

ESL and Literacy Instructors      Social Network Providers

In his Word of Mouth Storytelling Workshops, Murray not only provides participants with an opportunity to experience and appreciate the art of storytelling, he inspires participants to develop their own skills as storytellers.

Word of Mouth Storytelling Workshops are three hour interactive, hands-on workshops where participants learn how to better present stories to an audience.

Storyteller James Murray brings together a wealth of personal and educational experiences that can be used, reused and reinvented by workshop participants to then share their own stories in a manner that will delight their audiences whether at home with their children, as teachers in a classroom or on stage in front of a live audience.

“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful storytelling talents. You are truly a gifted orator. You have made, and continue to make, such an impact on the lives of so many people.” 
Jennifer Findlay, Literacy Outreach coordinator, Shuswap Literacy Outreach Alliance

Word of Mouth Workshops are designed to:

  • provide participants with an opportunity to experience and appreciate the art of storytelling
  • inspire participants to develop their own skills as storytellers
  • provide an understanding of the relationship between writing, reading, storytelling and performance
  • encourage participants in using the art of storytelling to enhance and enrich teaching programs and learning experiences

Subjects covered:

  • how the spoken word differs the written word
  • working from memory
  • the art of presentation
  • working in front of an audience
  • engaging and keeping an audience’s attention
  • working with different types of microphones
  • storytelling with and without the use of props
  • getting gigs
  • storytelling groups and organizations
  • traditional and modern storytelling techniques

Workshop participants will be able to use the skills learned in the Word of Mouth Storytelling Workshops to realize their own story ideas, as well as, apply them to other media such as writing, drama, music, video, etc.