School Programs

Storyteller James Murray
brings the art of oral storytelling into schools

James Murray’s oral storytelling performances:

  • give both students and teachers an opportunity to experience and appreciate the art of storytelling
  • help students appreciate the power of the spoken word
  • inspire students and teachers to develop their own skills as storytellers
  • encourage an understanding of the relationship between writing, reading, and an oral storytelling performance
  • support teachers in using the art of oral storytelling to enhance and enrich teaching programs and learning experiences across the curriculum
  • celebrate the richness of the oral storytelling tradition

Educators have long known that oral storytelling can contribute
to both a student’s academic success and emotional well being.

No special skills are required other than a willingness to listen
and the ability to use one’s imagination.

As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage students to explore their own expressiveness and help develop their ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings in an articulate manner.

For educators and teachers in a multicultural environment/classroom, storytelling can also serve to encourage better relations between children of different cultural backgrounds by showing, through example, that all people live, laugh, love and play all in much the same way.

James Murray tells his stories in a clear and simple, yet colourful and expressive manner that allows students and teachers to see in their mind’s eye bird soaring high above, watch the wind dancing across the tops of the trees, feel the joy of running freely through waves of tall grass and hear a wolf howling at the moon. His stories can take students to places they’ve yet imagined and return them to the places where they feel most safe.

“James Murray’s stories
will give wings to children’s flights of fantasy
as well as wrap themselves around a child
like a warm comfortable blanket.”

Dear Mr. Murray,
Thank you for coming to our school and sharing your stories. You have such a presence. Our students were glued to your every word. Your love of storytelling came through clearly. Both the students and the teachers could feel your passion. I know a number of our classes have jumped right into story writing and storytelling following your presentation.
Again, I thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us.”

Alan Harrison, Principal, Bastion Elementary School

There are any number of educational reasons
for using oral storytelling in the classroom,
including the simple fact that
storytelling is just plain fun.